Here be dragons?

I’ve been writing since I was a kid, and always dreamed of being published–books stocked in stores and libraries across the country. I wrote incessantly, and have binders filled with thousands of hand-written pages to show for it.

But I never published. Why?
Well, simply put, I never did the hard work of being a writer. Writing a story is one thing–getting it into print is a whole different story. There are agents to deal with, editors to fight with, publishers to barter with…it all seemed to suck the life out of writing for me. At heart, I just want to tell and share stories.

Fast forward to adulthood: married with a full time job and a bright future–who has the time to write, let alone go through the rigmarole of publishing? At least, that’s what I told myself. So I stopped writing for a while–a long time, actually. Long enough that I forgot how great it feels to create something from scratch.

And now, the landscape is changing. Libraries are becoming more digital. Wikipedia is replacing (sigh) Encyclopedia Britannica and actual sit-down-and-study research. Buying books online is generally at least 30%  cheaper than going to a brick and mortar bookstore and browsing. And, eBooks are a thing.

I hesitated to jump on the eBook bandwagon because I love reading, and love holding a book in my hands. But am I ever a convert! (That’s a subject for another post.) And, I’m starting to realize how easy electronic media is making it for artists to reach a wide audience. To hear the internet tell it, you can bash out a novel, edit in Word, publish it online and have people line up to buy it–all in a matter of weeks, or shorter. Quality aside for such a quick turnaround, publishing is getting easier and easier.

So it’s time for this writer/budding author to jump in with both feet. I have a lot of unfinished manuscripts, half-developed story ideas, and one so-detailed-it’s-unweildy project on the go. What’s there to hold me back?

Nothing. So here I am, venturing into the world of self-publishing. To what end? We’ll have to see. While eBook publishing has become a lot simpler, there’s still a lot of work to be done, and I’ll have to stumble my way through it. Hopefully this blog will not only serve to help publicize my work, but also to help other new writers discover this new world.This blog will be part how-to, part random musing, and part blood sweat and tears.

Should be fun!

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