Today, up in the Great White North, is Thansgiving–so I’m not going to draw up a big post. I do, however, have something to announce: the creation of the Speaking to the Eyes Community List!

The one thing I love most about the self-publishing game online is the sense of Community. People here are genuinely eager to help, if you know who to approach. And one of the most common pieces of advice is to start a mailing list or newsletter. So I’ve done just that. To your right, you’ll see a link to the signup form (I can’t post the form on this site), and if you look at the top of your browser, you’ll find a new Community List page with more information.

But why is it a Community List and not a newsletter?

Well, as I said, the indie writer community online is superb–and, although I’m young in the game, I want to help engender that too. This list will allow me to share information about my own releases and writing, but I also want to encourage discussion. Occasionally I’ll be asking questions or posing topics for discussion, and I’m hoping this list will turn into a place where we can all share ideas.

I should note that none of your emails will be visible to others–if you respond to an email I send out, only I will see it, and I’ll forward it to the group. Your email is completely protected, and I won’t spam anyone. The list is managed by Mailchimp, so you know it’s safe!

And, as a special offer, I’ll be giving away FREE COPIES of my upcoming release The Astrologers and Other Stories to the people who subscribe before October 23rd–the pending release date. I’m in the final preparation stage now, but once it’s ready I’ll email you a copy–you’ll get it before anyone else!

I’m looking forward to chatting with you all on the list. In the meantime, enjoy your Turkey Day–and if you’re not in Canada, well, happy Monday. 😀


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