Chipping Away At The Stone: ROW80 Update

Well, I’ve managed to follow my own advice, and set out to make some time to writ. I didn’t make a huge amount of progress since Wednesday–835 words–but it’s a start. I’m chipping away at the stone: piece by piece, I’ll carve out this story. I wonder at my self imposed deadlines and goals, though. I was expecting to finish writing Court of Rain by November 15; with one story out of four completed in rough draft, I’m well overdue.

I want to remind myself that part of the reason I’m behind is the restructuring of the narrative I’ve been doing. In trying to resolve the issues brought up in an earlier post, I’ve killed off one character, changed the motivations and characterizations of a second, and added a third (who is turning out to be a major one). I’ve also re-written an entire scene featuring this new character, effectively redoing 2000 words instead of writing a new scene and putting me ahead.

So I can’t be too hard on myself. Part of the beauty of ROW80 is that the goals are explicitly mutable. They allow for unforeseen circumstances and change. I just have to be careful not to rely on that and turn it into an excuse to fall even further behind. Now that my major restructuring is done (I hope) I can charge forward and write the rest of Court of Rain. I’ll aim for mid-December to finish another 6000 words, which shouldn’t be a problem if I keep myself accountable. Wish me luck!


2 comments on “Chipping Away At The Stone: ROW80 Update

  1. That’s what makes ROW80 great – if your goals aren’t working for you, change them! Good luck with yours this week!

  2. James J Parsons says:


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