Still here, Still Reading!


It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve had lapses before here, but never so long as a month–for that, I apologize. I can’t say anything specific took me away from writing here, but there we are–and I’m back.

can say that I did quite a lot of reading in the last month, including a few Indie books (reviews coming!) and falling back in love with a favourite author I’d forgotten–Stephen King. I haven’t read a King book in years, and it was a pleasure to get back to his stark, conversational, downright creepy style. In fact, with his experimenting with eBooks early on in the format, I think there’s potential for a blog post there…

In the meantime, I have several posts planned for the next couple weeks. I’ll be reviewing books from some of my favourite Indies–Ryan Casey and David A Hayden coming soon, and J. M. Ney-Grimm and Lindsay Buroker on the horizon–and we’ll have an interview or two. I’ll also talk about popular iPhone apps for writers, creating systems of magic, and why self-publishing is like making your own beer.

So stay tuned, and keep reading–we’ll be back to our regular programming shortly.


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