While still toying with writing in different genres, James prefers Fantasy and Horror/Weird Fiction. Much of his work is set in the fictional world of Tornum, a land where the Elements can be wrought to perform powerful feats of magic, gods walk among men, and alchemists create living mechanical beings.

Short Stories

The Ancestor and Other Stories.

This collection of chilling tales inspired by H. P. Lovecraft will make you want to leave the lights on tonight! Lock the doors and check under the bed as you read about:
An ancient family’s sordid history in The Ancestor…a man who wakes up in a room with no memory in Room with a Corpse…and a group of young adults who wander through the wilderness running from The Horror in the Mountains. Don’t turn the lights out!

Available at Amazon for $2.99.

The Astrologers.

The AstrologersEnter a world of wonder–where the machines are powered by magic, alchemists have harnessed the Elements, and The Astrologers are coming to town to tell your future! Dolle has always wanted to see The Astrologers–real, living automata–and this is her chance. But are they everything she’s hoped? The Astrologers is a short story which takes place in the world of Tornum.
Available at Kobo and Amzaon for $0.99.

Coming Soon:

The Tapestry project is an epic story to be told in sixteen parts. The Courts begin the tale of a dying Empire and a ravaged kingdom–and the awakening of an ancient evil eager to swallow them whole. They are the first is a long running series taking place in the world of Tornum, projected to be released through 2013.

Court of Sand
A dessicated race. A desperate plea for help. A mischievous upstart with designs on the throne
Ohmel, General of the Armies, reluctantly represents the Ozym in negotiations with the Toral for resources that can save his people. With his father–the Emperor–recently dead, a heavy burden lays on his shoulders. But there is another who would gladly take it from him, and he will stop at nothing for the claim…

Court of Rain
A broken home. A wandering initiate. A secret to topple the Empire…
Plans are revealed and machinations put in play as tensions grow between the Twin Races.

Court of Sylphs
A faithless clergy. A decadent status quo. A potent magic that could change everything…
The newest member of the Hierophantic Caste is convinced that the Toral have lost their way. Desperate to invigorate their faith, she makes an alliance she may come to regret. The stakes are different now, and larger than anyone dared imagine.

Court of Tinder
A faith in tatters. A collapsing kingdom. A brewing war…
The Caste is crumbling, the Court is falling, and the Empire is in pieces. And above it all stands an impossible force: an awakened dragon. Centuries of tension are about to be unleashed, and Tornum can never be the same–if it can even survive.

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