Writer’s Resources

Since I started this blog–a complete newbie to this e-publishing game–I’ve been looking for resources. Sometimes it’s a web site I found through Google, sometimes a website completely unrelated to writing that happened to have a relevant article. More often than not, now that I’m starting to build a network of fellow indie authors, it’s a link that was shared by someone I follow on Twitter.

But they’re all good resources, so I thought I’d start sharing. I’ll tweet link occasionally as well, but I wanted a place where I could keep these resources organized and easy to find. This list will be updated regularly–and of course, if you have a link to share, send it my way! I hope you find them as helpful as I have!

The Writing Process



Ebook Formatting

Ebook Covers

If you have any links you’d like to see added, send me an email at jparsonswrites@gmail.com, and I’ll take a look! (Spam or self-promotional links will be ignored–this is a collection of resources, not advertising).

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